Ani Supowitz

Dear Steve,
Thank you for everything you did to help us purchase our home. From the moment we met, you were on board with exactly, and I mean exactly, what we wanted and needed in a house and did everything you could to help us find, purchase and move in to the right house. You were always available to answer questions, provide advice, and resolve unanticipated issues. I cannot believe that we achieved, what seemed to be, the impossible within such a short amount of time.

What is amazing is that the real estate part was just a small portion of the services you offered. You helped us search for the house and spent hours listening to what we needed tailoring your search accordingly. When the offer was made, you were diligent and thorough to ensure all required inspections were scheduled in a timely manner. You were entirely resourceful in all aspects ofthe purchase process, including the ability to arrange for a second lender to get involved when the original lender delayed things due to corporate reconstruction. You did it all without missing a deadline or requirement. Additionally, your follow through was impeccable with all those involved -the selling agent, the inspectors, the loan officers, and the escrow company to name a few.

It is obvious you love what you do and no matter how stressful you always approached things with a smile. You are a delight and I look forward to working with you on future real estate opportunities. Steve, it has been a pleasure and I will be honored to refer you to anyone who needs a real estate agent. Thank You!

Ani Supowitz

Stephanie & Jason Ganzel

Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for making things happen for us. We are so, so grateful for the time, attention, and humor your have brought to this transaction. We both pride ourselves on being hard workers and we certainly recognize that you are the same way! You have helped us maintain composure and direction in what could have easily been a very difficult, yet exciting, time for our family. We can't wait to get our hands on that set of keys and see our girls lounging under a shady Simi tree! :)

Talk soon,
Stephanie & Jason

Terry Stevens

Dear Steve:

Above and beyond is the phrase that best describes your service in selling my home. In the best of times, selling one's home can be a stressful experience. In my case, an unstable economy and difficult housing market combined with an older, "niche" home turned out to be quite a challenge indeed. There is no doubt in my mind that in the hands of a less accomplished broker my home might still be sitting on the market.

Your consistently proactive approach. strategic planning, and ongoing communication throughout the selling process were exceptional, and your instincts were right on. As an added bonus, you were fun to work with.

Thank you for a positive, rewarding experience on the sale of my home from start to finish. You truly went above and beyond my expectations and I am most grateful.

Best Regards,
Terry Stevens
Sherman Oaks

Bob & Uta Silverman

Dear Steve,

We are writing to convey our sincere thank you for representing us in the recent sale of our home. The entire transaction that began by filling-out our sales contract and ending with the close of escrow could not have been done more carefully, exacting, professionally, consciously, and in-tune with all of the parties involved at every step of the way.

Our transaction was complicated by the fact that we had moved out of the area over two months before the house was placed on the market. We were in need of someone to look after the landscaping and you recommended your personnel gardener who we used to care for the property. We were in need of the services of the others such as painter, stager, plumber, drain clearing service, and interior house cleaning and termite inspector all of which you provided referrals to us at reasonable prices and under your supervision. Your care of the house during the listing process was exemplified by you personally cleaning our garden fountain and general tidying-up before each open house. Your hands-on, everyday presence was very much appreciated.

Above all, your professional opinion regarding our privacy strategy, selection of potential buyers, and ultimately vetting the actual buyers was spot-on every step of the way. Since we were out of the area, your excellent communication with us by telephone and email during the day and evening hours kept us constantly informed. We appreciate your attention to making sure that we were satisfied at all times.

In addition to your superlative performance in completing the sale of our house, we are happy to have made a new friend and hope to greet you in the future in our new home. Once again, thank you.


Sarah & Ellis O'Connor

Dear Steve,

We wanted to thank you so much for all our help and hard work, both in finding our new home and selling our old one.  You made the whole process run very smoothly and really made us feel that we were your top priority at all times.  We felt very safe in the knowledge that you were looking out for our best interests and appreciate the professional manner in which the transactions were handled. 

Please do drop byand see us any time you are in the area.

With our best wishes,
-Sarah & Ellis

Joe & Gail Kanel

Dear Steve,

We met only five years ago when we wanted to buy our first home.  my gracious, we were greehorns.  Providence must have looked down and said "This couple needs Steve!"  And there you were.

When we had a million questions you answered them all.  When the paperwork seemed endless you kept us focused and kept track of it all.  When we sat there dumbfounded by the real estate lingo, you made clear what had moments before seemed like an alien tongue.  you convinced us that we should go for quality even if it did cost a little more than we were prepared to spend.  When the price seemed out of reach you explained how we could finance it.  Your connections in the real estate business made the purchase and sale of our two homes as smooth as silk.

For all the hours, day and night, that you put into our home search, we will be eternally grateful.  We will always count you among our dearest friends.

-Joe & Gail

Joyce & Bob

We can't thank you enough for the sale of my condo.  It was truly effortless for me at a time when that was extremely significant for me.  I would recommend your services to anyone of my friends or family.

With gratitude and appreciation,
-Joyce & Bob

Jeannie & Emil

You know Steve, it is your fault that we live in paradise.  I loved the day that you stopped and talked to Emil and the beginning began.

Our house is just the size that I wanted with a balcony that look out over the valley.  The lights of night are so beautiful.  I blame it all on you.  The only thing missing is our friends from the valley.

The very best of life,
-Jeannie & Emil

Norma & George


It was a pleasure working with you, Steve, and we appreciated your expertise in smoothing the way through the maze of the two transactions.

May thanks again - We'll enjoy it!

-Norma & George

Nicole & Johnny

Dear Steve

You are the greatest real estate agent of all time!!  Thank you so much for our beautiful drawing and notecards.  (I couldn't bring myself to write on one!)  The drawing is prominently displayed in our entry way for all our visitors to admire.

Also, we wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on both of our transactions.  You have made us so happy...

All our best,
-Nicole & John

Kimberely & Peter Frey

Dear Steve-

Let us start by saying how pleased we were with your handling of both our new home and the sale of our house!  It couldn't have gone smoother - And we know your hard work and attention made it happen.  The gift basket was such a great suprise!  From the basket itself to the load of goodies inside, we enjoyed every bite!  The basket is now my fall centerpiece!  We can't wait to shop with our gift certificate at the Z Gallerie!  Thanks, that will be a blast!  Steve - Peter and I truly appreciate all that you did for us - so thanks a million.

-K & P Frey

Kevin Roddy

Dear Steve,

On behalf of myself, my wife and our sons, our sincere thanks for representing us in the sale of our house in Woodland Hills and our recent relocation to New Jersey.  you are a true professional in every sense of the word, and you ably represneted us in every phase of the transactions.  your spirit and enthusiasm for your work was a comfort to us, even when things got difficult.  We are so glad that we chose you to be our agent!

With warmest personal regards,

Julie & Rob Burch

Dear Steve,

Just a note to Thank You for all of your hard work over the past few months.  When Rob and I first talked about selling our condo and purchasing a house, we were both quite apprehensive about the whole process.  However, working with you really helped to alleviate these anxieties.  From the day we met you, we felt confident in having you be the one to walk us through the selling and purchasing process.  You are extrememly knowledgeable, hardworking, competent, approachable, trustworthy, and caring.  You have been very patient with us (even waiting at the hospital for several hours for a signature while I was in labor!!) and always were available to us.  You made the selling and purchasing processes as smooth as possible.  It has been very comforting to know that we have had such a quality person representing us.

Overall it has been a pleasure getting to know you and working with you.  We are grateful for all your advice and hard work on our behalf.  You are definitely an asset to your profession!

With highest regards,
Julie & Rob

Troy & Sandee Fosberg

Dear Steve,

Many years ago, we happened upon an open house where your were having a showing.  Lucky us!  Having gone through 4 transactions with you since that day, we are always impressed with your professionalism and skill.

This time was no exception.  From the start you understood how important it was for all the dominos to fall in their place.  With a slow performing buyer on our sale property, nervous clients, and competing demands by the sellers on our purchase property, you managed to nvaigate through it all with out breaking a sweat.  Great job!

Just as important, we have enjoyed getting to know you and are happy to consider you a friend.  In a world where relationships come and go, this is no small thing.

Please feel free to have any potential client contact us should they want to talk to satisfied clients.  We will happily tell them that you are the real estate agent we turn to for great representation.

Best regards,
Troy & Sandee Fosberg

John & Sonja Donham

 Dear Steve,

You have been great through this whole process.  you and your team have made our home purchase so much easier.  We have bought and sold a lot of homes over the years, but you are the BEST realtor we have ever had.

John & Sonja Donham

Ryan & Kristen Hughes

Dear Steve:

We wanted to write and thank you for being so wonderful!  We are thrilled to have found our first home and couldn't have done it without your guidance.  You were patient to explain everything to us so we really understood the process of buying our first home and we really appreciate that.  Your professionalism, but ultimately your warmth, is what made buying our house such a positive experience for us.  We are happily settled in our new home and have you to thank for finding it for us!

Ryan & Kristen Hughes

Beverly Sommer

Dear Steve:


With the many transactions that you have handled for us, unfailingly you work tirelessly to achieve the best results possible. You are  very passionate about your representation and always provide excellent judgement and advice.
Beverly Sommer

Rose Delola

Dear Steve:

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

They say the fourth time is the charm, but I disagree.  I believe the reason this fouth time I tried to sell my home, it finally happenend was because of your relentless, hard-driving, hands-on push to expose my house to as many prospective interested buyers out there.

But what counts most to me is your accessibility.  I don't know how you do it, but you were always available when needed.  Thank you for being there to "hold my hand" when the going got tough such as the "shower pan surprise" at the eleventh hour!

You are definitely top notch!

I would love to have you sell another home for me in the future.

Most sincerely,
Rose Delola

Eileen Rosenfeld

Dear Steve,

I am just starting to catch my breath after my move almost (I can't believe it) a month ago.  I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciated your support throughout the whole period of selling my house and buying my townhome.  You have been more than a realtor to me.  I know I wasn't your only client at the time but it seemed as though my house was your priority.  You even came over during that terrible heat wave we had this summer and watered the lawn - by hand!!  I don't even know how many conversations you started with "Okay, everything's alright" in that very low therapist's voice that indicated that you understood absolutely how close to the edge I was.  And you always answered my calls or returned them as soon as possible so that I never had to wait very long to hear from you.  You were absolutely rock-solid throughout the whole process.

I also want to say that I feel very fortunate to have had you in my corner.  Without a doubt, you priced my house at the absolute right price so that even as the market was going south, my house was in a bidding war.  You sold it in 2 days!!  That was a remarkable feat and indicates the professionalism you bring to your job.  I don't think there is another agent anywhere who could have wrapped up this package so quickly and neatly.

So, as I try to figure out what to do with all of these cardboard boxes, I can only say bless you for your kindness and "extra care" from one of your "special needs" clients.

- Eileen

Charles Kotlier


Thank you for all of your help.  Without you this never would have closed.  I know sometimes it was more than you bargained for, but the fact that you were able to navigate these turbulent waters exemplifies the fact that we picked the best agent.  All the best, and thank you very much for your efforts.

- Charles

Tai Babilonia

Steve is a brilliant and highly respected real estate agent.  During a time when houses were difficult to sell, Steve sold my home in Sherman Oaks in less than a week.  He made the process of selling my home painless.  I never felt pressured or rushed in any of the decisions I had to make.  He always answered questions in a clear and precise manner, which left me with a very comfortable feeling I had made the right choice.  He has a great work ethic that I respect and admire, but first and foremost he is a wonderful friend.

-Tai Babilonia

Linda Semon - Realtor


What a pleasure it was working with you and a lot of fun!  Not only did we get the transaction closed, we enjoyed doing it - even if we had to stand in fornt of the HOA Tribunal!  Thank you again for your professionalism and thank you for following through even after the transaction closed.  I look forward to doing more deals with you and sending you my Valley buyers!


Maureen Lipman

This is a letter I love to write.  Steve has been a cherished realtor.  Without him, I would not have been able to get through the ordeal of selling and buying a home.  He always answered phone calls and came over when he was needed.  He  also helped me through the paperwork process which was always time-consuming.  He always made sure every concern I had was answered and even helped my buyer.  I am sure without him my house would not have gotten sold.  Steve Shrager has made this move possible and I certainly would recommend him as the only realtor to have.  I would like to say that best of all he takes a real interest in your problems of selling and buying. Steve thanks for getting me through this - I sincerely thank you for your time, spirit, and all the extra service that you provided .  Best of all, he guided me to a perfect place to live.  Thank you again, Steve!
-Maureen Lipman

Carol & Marv Rowen

Dear Steve,

I am writing to express our very sincere appreciation for all the time and effort that you expended in helping Sheryl, Jason and us find a home for Sheryl and Jason.  Escrow on the purchase having closed yesterday, Jason and Sheryl spent as much of the day as they could at the townhouse planning how and what they need and want to do to upgrade it to make it the livable home they desire it to be. They are very excited and we are very happy for them.

We are particularly grateful for your patience with us throughout our long search for a suitable residence for our daughter and grandson. The advice and guidance that you provided to us along each step of the way is a testimonial to your knowledge of the San Fernando Valley's real estate market and your professional competence as real a real estate agent.

Thank you, Carol & Honorable Marvin Rowen,  Judge of the Superior Court, Judicate West


Jeff Horowitz



Thank you so much for all your diligence.  We appreciate your hard work, and that you have been handling the open houses yourself, personally.  We so often see open houses handled by underlings or associates.  Keep up the good work and let's get a buyer!




I can't thank you enough. You truly are wonderful at your job and a huge comfort in this process. Victor was awesome and I am thrilled that you have all these incredible relationships that I am reaping a harvest from. But I'm not surprised as you are a very good man so it's to be assumed that you would attract and good people. Have a lovely evening!


Cynthia Johnson

Steve - I always want to be on the same side of the negotiating table as you! Thanks again, Cynthia

Stacy and Denise Smithers

Thanks for everything Steve! Besides being and awesome Realtor - we consider you one of our best friends! Stacy & Denise Smithers

Shantal Klinger

Steve, My mom and I have raised a glass to you many of times over the past few years for selling my house! We'll love you forever :)

Happy New Year,


Bryan & Jennifer Croft

Hey there Steve! Thank you again for the experience of working with you. Head and shoulders the best relationship we've ever had with a Realtor. Thank you...

Talk to you later.

Bryan Croft

Steve Agase

Dear Steve,

I want to thank you for all your help, advise and most of all patience with me in selling my home at 3909 Murietta.

You are a true professional that knows this area better than anyone. I could not have remained sane without you.

All my best, Steve Agase

Keith and Maxine Macrae

Hi Steve,

Saw the nice write up and picture of you in the View section of the L. A. Times. Maxine and I could not agree more with every word written about you. We know that we were always at the relatively low end of the transactions that you typically do, but the service that you provided us couldn’t possibly have been any better. You are the best.

Love, Maxine and Keith.

Marci & Jefffrey Dulberg

Dear Steve,
Now that we're settled comfortably on Strawberry Drive, we wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your efforts with our home sale. You have a great reputation in the Valley (of course!) but Marci correctly guessed from your chats over the years that you would really listen to our needs and take good care of us. You did exactly that! Although our sale was vanilla and went really smoothly, you were always engaged and available to answer any questions we had. It's still hard to believer that the whole deal went from our initial meeting to escrow in just three weeks. You were our partner throughout and we're grateful. See you for the next one!
Sincerely, Marcy & Jeffrey Dulberg

Martha Stevens

Dear Steve,
It's done! And there was no glitch - thanks to you, no doubt.
Thank you Steve. I wouldn't have gotten through this without you. It was so much easier than I'd anticipated, and I'm sure that's due to you.
Stop by when you're in the area.
All best, Martha

Robert & Eileen, Christopher & Matthew

Dear Steve,
We can't say "Thank You" enough for all that you have done for us!
It really made a difference!
Not only did we find the "Best" real estate agent but we also found a trusting and reeliable friend for life. Like we've said many times before, "You're the Man!"
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Always, Robert, Eileen and Christopher & Matthew

Simon Mills - Realtor

I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism in our most recent transaction. It is always nice to find another Realtor who actually does what they say they are going to do!
Hopefully our paths will cross again.
Regards, Simon Mills
Mills Realty of California

Norma Hernandez - Realtor

Hi Steve,
I received the closing CD today, very impressive!  Realtors such as yourself make the is business so enjoyable!
Thanks again!

Norma Hernandez
Casa Del Mar Realty

Ingrid & James Lin

Hi Steve, So we did it!
Thank you for everything you have done for us. It was a pleasure working with you. You really took care of our house, above and beyond our expectation. We wish you a continued success and hope to see you around town!  And thank you for the lovely orchid. That's so sweet of  you.
Best, Ingrid & James Lin

Drew & Kaylee Bryden

Dear Steve,
We want to thank you so much for all of your guidance in our home buying process. We appreciate all of the time and energy you put into finding our first home. We are so happy on Hartland! Thank you for your friendship and cheers to the future!
XO, Kaylee & Drew

Essence Atkins

Hi Steve,
I am leaving for NYC tonight but I would be remiss if I didn't tell you thank you again for making this so easy and painless and amazing. You are excellent and truly exemplary and should I or anyone else I know be in the market for a home in your area please know that I won't hesitate to insist you are the guy. I couldn't be more grateful. 
Have a wonderful everything Steve. Hope your life is as terrific as you are.
God bless you. Big hugs, Essence

Manda, Eric & Violet

Dear Steve,
I still remember the day we met you about renting on Colfax and you asked why we weren't buying a house.  Count our lucky stars for meeting you and guiding us through the process. We are so happy, you are wonderful! Thank you!!
-Manda, Eric & Violet

Walter Meyer & David Vianello

Dear Steve,
David and I want to thank you for your excellent service and support you provided us in selling our Sherman Oaks house.
Right from the start - from the excellent photography you arranged, to the well-planned open houses and social media campaign, to walking us through the complicated and sometimes daunting escrow process, we knew you championed our interests.
We look forward to a continued friendship.
Thanks again!
Walter & David

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